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ItKansas City Communica Solutions is the number one electronics repair shop in Kansas City. We believe in valuing your radio systems and gadgets as much as you do, which is why we offer only the best service. We specialize in a wide range of electronics and appliance repair, from ham radios, to cb radio and all forms of business communications. To see if we can fix your specific product, give us a ring on 816-668-9894

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Practice makes perfect. We love appliance repair and have been in the repair service industry for quite a while now – long enough to see the rise and fall of all kinds of radio. In other words, we’ve got plenty of experience servicing appliances and gadgets of any kind - even vintage radios, all with high-quality service every time. Our experts don’t cut corners when it comes to ensuring that your appliances are fully repaired – every item is subject to diagnosis, troubleshooting, repair, and testing. We do it all.

The most trustworthy around

Our policy is "customer first", and we serve our clients with dedication and a keen ear. We’ll listen to you and take that input into consideration when it comes to your items. With our extensive knowledge and experience, it typically does not take too long to diagnose and even repair your appliances. Our prices are very customer-friendly, and we guarantee top-notch services as well. 


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